Effective treatment of back pain

Rygsmerter kan komme pludseligt eller være kommet snigende. Jeg behandler dig hurtigt og effektivt, så du kan komme videre med dit liv – smertefrit. 

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Skulle møde på nyt arbejde mandag – onsdagen inden fik jeg et slemt hold i ryggen. Så jeg fandt den første, den bedste fysioterapeut i nærheden. Det var Brændgaard. Efter et kvarters snak og en halv times behandling var mine smerter – pist væk!
Det er nu et halvt år siden, og smerterne er ikke kommet igen 🙂 🙂

I´ll help you with your back pain - quickly and effectively.

“Back pain is a common disease” (1), but does it have to be?

Min erfaring er, at rygsmerter opstår på grund af en muskulær ubalance i nervesystemet, som hjernen ikke længere kan kompensere for. Ryggen er fleksibel, men det gør det sværer for hjernen, at kompensere her end i andre led, hvorfor så mange har rygsmerter.

Here's how I help you

I treat the nervous system and the imbalances that are causing your back pain. The brain processes sensory impressions from the body, but if there is incorrect information due to an imbalance in the receptors, it has difficulty creating a good response or not giving enough stability to the back. This can give you pain in the long run.

How does back pain feel

Back pain can occur suddenly as a crick in the neck/lower back or may be creeping over time as a lumbago. It may be the first time or a recurring problem that is in the lower back, between the shoulder blades or up in the neck area. Sometimes there is radiating pain to the arms or legs if there is pressure on a nerve due to a lock or herniated disc/protusion.

Typical problems

Back and lower back pain is so frequent that 60-80% will experience it at some point in their lives and annually over 50% of the population has back pain (1). Back pain can be caused by many causes and here are some of the typical ones. I treat all issues related to the back.

Lumbago/Lower back pain

Low back pain typically occurs due to torsion in the body, overload, direct injury, fall, osteoarthritis in the back. Those affected are typically between the ages of 20-55 years and the pain in the lower back makes up 80-90% of all people with acute back pain. The symptoms are acute and often similar symptoms have been there before. There may be radiation to the buttocks or thighs. The pain is more often worse with activity and decreases with rest. Low back pain can be called crick in the lumbar spine if they are acute and are caused by a lock in the small facet joints of the spine.

Crick in the neck or lower back

This is also known as facet joint syndrome or locking. Many will go to a therapist who manipulates the joints in place and provides immediate relief of the symptoms. However, the muscles around the joint are still in imbalance and in the long run could pull the joint out of place, which is why the crick in the neck will often reappear. The muscles are stronger than the ligaments around the joint and can easily cause a new crick in the neck. An effective treatment of the neck is achieved by balancing the muscles so that they do not pull the joints. I use the newest technique in physiotherapy which is without manipulation or twist.


A scoliosis is typically seen as an S-shaped spine with curvatures to the sides or a C-shaped spine. In my experience, it is either a symptom of an imbalance in the hip, leg or feet, but can also occur due to imbalances around the spine. The brain will always prioritize the sight to be level, so it adapts to the body. I have good experience in treating the cause of scoliosis.

Herniated disc

A disc herniation occurs when the soft core of the disc between the vertebrae is broken through the hard core around it and presses on the nerves inside the spine.
My experience is that a protusion (bulge on the disc) or prolapse is a sign of an imbalance in the muscles around the spine. This imbalance may have been there for a long time and it may not be the first time you have back pain. I consider it important to have the cause of the symptoms investigated and treated so that no further pain occurs.

(1) www.sundhed.dk

I deal with the newest technique in physiotherapy in Denmark; P-DTR. The method has been around for over 20 years and many chiropractors and osteopaths in The United States uses this technique over their basic education because it is so effective. Clinical research is underway in the area, which will be announced on the website when available. 

Here you can hear a client tell about his experience with the treatment:

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