Effective treatment of pregnancy-related pain

Many pregnant women experience pregnancy-related pain that can vary in intensity and location. Some people experience pain in the lower back, back or pelvis as the abdomen grows or in the beginning of pregnancy.

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My wife has been to Annika's treatment twice, and has been completely impressed with her pregnancy treatment. My wife had a hard time walking and had low back pain and now she is feeling much better and is more active in her everyday life now that she is in her 34th week of pregnancy.

There are no kinks or twists associated with the treatment and you will typically be able to feel the effect after a few treatments. It is important in connection with the treatment that you can lie on the back of a couch for at least a short time.

We remove the cause of your pregnancy-related pain - quickly and effectively.

What Are Pregnancyrelated pelvic girdle pain (PGP)?

Pregnancy-related pelvic pain - known as pelvic instability,is a bit of a trash diagnosis. Everyone tries something different and has different beliefs, but there is no medical explanation for the cause.

At Brændgaard Fysioterapi we always find the cause of pregnancy pain in the nervous system. The specific cause of your pregnancy pain depends on the life you have lived. Therefore, your treatment will also be different from the treatment of other pregnant women. But the same result is less pain and a better quality of life during pregnancy. 

We have helped many before you with pain in their pregnancy and will also be able to help you.

Where can I be in pain?

Mange gravide oplever graviditetsrelaterede smerter, der kan variere i intensitet og placering. Du kan have smerter mange steder i kroppen og de kan flytte sig rundt i løbet af graviditeten. Det er ofte bækkensmerter, i form af smerter fra skambenet (symfysen) eller bagpå ved halebenet (SI-leddene). Det kan også være fra lænden, ryggen eller mavemusklerne. I takt med at maven vokser fremad, bliver svajet i lænden større og det påvirker strukturerne i ryg og bækken. Når baby vokser, kan den trykke på iskiassnerven, der giver Sciatica locally in the buttocks or radiating to the leg. Therefore, "pregnant" and "pelvic pain" are often related and many unfortunately experience pelvic pain during pregnancy.

Why does it hurt?

Maybe you've had a problem before. You may have had pain during a sport or while working out, but do not link these pain with your current pain. It may also be the reason why it is difficult to find a link between pain and pregnancy. All women have experienced various injuries and malformations prior to their pregnancy and will naturally respond differently to a pregnancy and possibly pain associated with pregnancy. That is why it is important that you read Preparations for the first treatment, when booking an appointment.

You and your nervous system

In short, about your nervous system, your brain receives information from the nerve endings (receptors) throughout the body. Based on these signals and previous experience, it sends the signal to the muscles for an appropriate response. If there are errors in the signals from the receptors, it will also make error signals in the output to the muscles. This is the most common cause of pain in the body in our optics.

Who am I?

My name is Annika Brændgaard and I have been a physical therapist for over 11 years. I myself have two children and have suffered a lot from pain from my pelvis during pregnancy. I know how disabling and annoying it can be to have pain when you just want a body that works. I can help you!

I treat with the newest technique in physiotherapy in Denmark, which has been around for over 20 years. The treatment consists of gentle pressure and a deep lateral reflex triggered e.g. below the knee. You can expect results quickly and get a professional and effective treatment in calm surroundings. At Brændgaard Physiotherapy I treat the cause of your pregnancy-related pain. You will notice the difference after the first treatment. There is no crack or twist in the treatment, but focus on getting strong muscles around the affected joints.