Effective treatment of shoulder pain

I remove the cause of the shoulder pain - quickly and effectively.

Pain in the shoulder

Shoulder pain can be felt locally or throughout the shoulder region. You may experience pain in general movement or specific movements or may have reduced range of motion in the shoulder. It may have come suddenly by a certain movement or creeping over time without any known cause.

From the clinic

En klient kommer med smerter i skulderen efter en forkert bevægelse ved styrketræning. Han har forsøgt, at starte træningen op igen de sidste 2 måneder, men må stoppe gentagende gange pga. smerter. Efter én behandling er han smertefri og kan efter en kort genoptræning, træne som vanligt i fitnesscenteret. Se videoen for at høre nærmere.

This is how I treat

At Brændgaard Physiotherapy, I treat the cause of shoulder pain. I find the reason why your shoulder lacks stability or strength and processes this in your nervous system. You will notice the difference after the first treatment. There is nomanipulation or twist in the treatment, but focus on getting the muscles around the affected joint strong again.

Typical causes of shoulder pain

Below you will find a selection for reasons, however I treat all issues related to the shoulder.

The shoulder

The shoulder is the joint that has the most mobility in the body. It is composed of the humerus, the shoulder blade (which lies on top of the ribs) and the collarbones which attach to the sternum. Malalignment can easily occur, which can pinch tendons, nerves, blood vessels, etc. and cause pain. The pain may be due to an overload, an acute injury or compensation from somewhere else in the body.

Pain in the shoulder region

When you have shoulder pain, I will always asses the mobility of the shoulder and the joints. As the arm is moved, the shoulder blade will naturally follow. If there are tight muscles or restrictions in the joints that prevent movement, it will create an imbalance, which can manifest as pain, irritation of the tendons and other structures around the joints or in other joints of the body. A frequent problem can be impingement.


If there are malalignments in the joints of the shoulder area, it can cause pinching (impingement) of tendons, mucus (bursa), ligaments and more. The muscles around the joint will typically be in imbalance and be the primary cause of the pinching, as they are skewed at the joints and are the cause of the pinching.

Frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis

Adhesive capsulitis is an inflammatory condition in the joints of the shoulder joint of the joint called "Frozen shoulder". It shows up with pain and significantly reduced movement of the shoulder, which comes insidiously. It can become difficult putting on or taking of clothes, washing or combing hair and lifting the arm higher than at shoulder height. There are typically pains at night and at rest. The prognosis is that it takes 1-3 years to recover and that approx. 2% of the population is affected. There is no evidence of the cause of adhesive capsulitis.

Fast effect on frozen shoulder

My experience is that I can solve the problem faster than regular physical therapy. Here's a client's opinion from Google after treating a frozen shoulder:

I came to Annika with a so-called ‘frozen shoulder”. I was in Copenhagen just for holidays but a friends’ friend recommended Annika so much that I decided to try. I really don’t regret. In only 1 meeting plus a half meeting (had to catch a plane), I feel I can enjoy so much more movements will my shoulder. Time will tell if it will soon heal but I surely did more progress in 2 days than 2 months of different therapists at home. She really did wonder! I warmly recommend her” Lorie H