We treat with the newest physiotherapeutic techniques in Denmark. You´ll get a professional and effective treatment in calm surroundings where we listen to you and your story. You can expect results quickly, as most experience effect within 2-3 treatments.

We treat any issues that you would normally go to an osteopath, chiropractor or other physical therapist with. The underlying causes of the problem are addressed and not just the area of symptoms. 

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The treatment is based on your nervous system and the life you have lived. 

An example from the clinic

A client had a tennis elbow that made it difficult playing table tennis and performing heavy lifting in his work. He had broken his thumb as a 5 year old boy. When the imbalances in the nervous system related to the thumb were treated, he could immediately feel a pain relief in his arm. 

Your situation

The problem you have now can be linked to pain many years ago, without you being aware of it. It may be your brain that compensates for an imbalance in the nervous system by altering muscle activation. This can cause you pain or movement restrictions now or in the long term. We treat the cause of the imbalances in the body so you can use your body for whatever you want - without pain.