I treat with the newest physiotherapeutic techniques.. Du kan forvente results quickly and get a professional and effective treatment in calm surroundings

Jeg behandler alle problematikker som du normalt vil gå til osteopat, kiropraktor eller en anden fysioterapeut med. De bagvedliggende årsager til problematikken behandles og ikke kun symptomområdet.

Here you can read more about the following topics:

In addition, we help with shoulder and neck pain, tennis and golf elbow, headache, sciatic pain, frozen shoulder, etc.

The treatment is based on what has influenced your nervous system and thereby you. You may have been through a trauma as a child that still affects you.

An example from the clinic

Jeg havde en klient med tennisalbue, som havde svært ved at spille bordtennis og udføre tunge løft i sit arbejde. Han havde som 5 årig brækket sin tommelfinger. Da ubalancerne i nervesystemet relateret til tommelfingeren blev behandlet, kunne han med det samme mærke en smertelindring i sin arm. 

Your situation

The problem you have now can be linked to pain many years ago, without you being aware of it. It may be your brain that compensates for an imbalance in the nervous system by altering muscle activation. This can cause you pain or movement restrictions now or in the long term. We treat the cause of the imbalances in the body so you can use your body for whatever you want - without pain.