At Brændgaard Fysioterapi we use the newest techniques within physiotherapy. The effective treaments, means that few treatments are needed.Often no more than 2-3 are needed, to feel a lot better.


Subsidies are provided from both “danmark” and all private health insurance companies. The benefit from private insurance varies from company to company.

ProductPricePrice (With discount card)Reimbursement from "danmark"
First treatment
60 min.
Follow-up treatments
30 min.
60 min.
Discount card
3 timer
All prices are in DKK

Discount card

Discount cards are purchased at the first treatment. You can choose whether you want to use it for 30 or 60 min. treatments until the card is used up.
The card is valid for 6 months from the purchase and is payed at the first treatment.
You are responsible for booking the times yourself.
Treatments associated with a discount card are personal and cannot be passed on to others.


Payment can be made with MobilePay, Payment Card or Cash.
See the list of payment cards here


We work OUTSIDE the public health insurance but are authorized physical therapists, so you can get reimbursement from the Health Insurance Denmark (See table above for reimbursement rates), which we report for you.
Most health insurance covers part of the treatment. You must contact your insurance company yourself regarding payment guarantee for treatment, number of sessions etc. We settle the payment and you are responsible for submitting the bills to the insurance company.


Afbud skal foretages kl. 18.00 dagen før aftalen på mail:
It is not possible to cancel by phone.

In case of absence or too late cancellation, a fee corresponding to the price of the treatment will be charged.