Effective treatment of locked joints

Does my baby have a locked joint?

A lock in the neck, back or pelvis is typically seen as a favorite side, that they are C-shaped / path-shaped, lie briefly on the stomach or have a flat rear head m.m. A lock feels like a crick in the neck, which is why your baby avoids movements that provoke the pain. In the long run, it can affect your childs motor skills and senses that are not stimulated naturally. 

Being treated with P-DTR is effective but can take some treatments, which is why it is recommended to buy a scrap card. 

We help your baby get rid of a crooked skull - quickly and efficiently. 

How locks can occur

Locks can occur during pregnancy because the space inside the abdomen becomes smaller the bigger the baby gets. Due to lack of space, the neck, back and pelvis may lack movement. Locks can occur during birth, if the baby is stuck in the pelvis, is pulled out during birth, possibly. with suction cup or by caesarean section. 

How to see a lock

As a parent, you can observe that your baby has a favorite side to look at when awake or asleep, is C-shaped (lies curved like a banana) on the changing table or when you lift them up. They may also have a lack of desire to lie on their stomach or favorite side to look at or turn their stomach on.

How can a lock affect

A "lock" in the neck, back or pelvis, prevents natural movement. The best basis for comparison is a team in the neck in adults. It irritates the baby's nervous system to move in a certain direction, which is why they avoid it. We are against "forcing" their head to the opposite side of their favorite side with e.g. pillows or cloth diapers when sleeping or awake. It is better to remove the cause in the nervous system so that they can move freely in the awake and sleeping state. 

Locks can be the reason that the muscles e.g. becomes tight in one side of the neck or back when there is a favorite side or they are C-shaped. It can also affect the baby's motor development, if it always rotates the same way around the abdomen. 

When the baby has a favorite side to look at, the repeated strain on the skull will make the skin red due to the pressure and in the long run the skull may become flat. You can read more about the back of the head here.

What do we get?

A typical set of treatment involves treatment of the classic problems in babies. So in addition to a more symmetrical head shape, the desire to lie on the stomach, which helps motor development, is also affected. Many parents experience a generally better movement in the body and a happier baby.

A typical Treatment session

Behandlingen foregår i babyens tempo og består af  blide tryk og en dyb senerefleks typisk under foden eller på maven. Forløbet strækker sig typisk over 1-2 måneder fordelt på 3 timer. Dette giver mulighed for at din baby kan tilpasse sig de ændringer vi laver og du kan registrere hvad der stadig er et problem til næste behandling.

A treatment from the clinic

A mother came with her baby, who is lying very still and only looking to the left. In the long run, this had created a flat back head due to the pressure. After removing locks in the neck, back and pelvis, he moves more freely and also looks to the right side. Mom is happy that he moves freely.