Effective treatment of colic

Har min baby kolik?

Does your baby cry for more than 3 hours a day for no immediate reason and do you feel powerless?
I know how frustrating it can be not being able to help your baby, how to feel inadequate on top of lack of sleep and all the other emotions.

What is colic

The definition of colic is according to www.sundhed.dk The scream for> 3 hours per day,> 3 days per week for> 3 weeks in an otherwise healthy-looking infant with normal weight gain. Some of the symptoms are

  • distended abdomen
  • a lot of intestinal air, the belly and vomiting
  • disturbed sleep.”

There is no Western medical reason that can explain colic, which is why you as a parent are often left without the means to help your baby and yourself.

Here's how I help your baby

I use a physiotherapeutic method that has existed for 20 years, but has only recently come to Denmark. It was developed by a neurologist from Mexico and is currently being researched. in the effect of P-DTR as the method is called. The treatment itself is gentle and effective without cracking or twisting and helps your baby get rid of the cause of colic.

I have good experience in treating colic and am happy to help you and your baby.

What is the cause of colic

It is my experience that colic is due to an imbalance in the baby's meridian orbits, cf. the eastern way of thinking about Yin / Yang and that there must be a balance in the energies in the body. This may be due to the fact that the baby is often dissatisfied with meals or at the same time of day. The meridian orbits are more active at some times of the day than others, which is why you can see a pattern. 

An imbalance in the meridians can also be the cause of digestive problems such as hard stomach, constipation or pain during bowel movements. It is not unlikely that your baby will also have these problems on top of crying a lot. It can therefore also be difficult to separate the cause of crying from each other.

How does it affect you?

A baby who cries inconsolably can contribute to you as a mother or you as parents isolating yourself. It can be overwhelming to come outside a door with the certainty that time will pass to comfort. These are completely natural emotions and they can be difficult to overcome.

If you need to turn your baby's situation around, call and have a non-committal talk.