Help for migraines and headaches


At Brændgaard Fysioterapi, we have good experiences of relieving or completely eliminating migraines in our clients. Together we will find the cause of your migraine and you will be able to expect improvement already after 1-2 treatments.

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Preparations for the first treatment

It is important to find the reasons why you have a migraine.. It can be a complex matter to treat migraines, but we have helped several to alleviate or eliminate their migraines completely.

Before 1. Treatment, it is important that you have considered what provokes your migraine, as well as what makes it worse and better. This can help us help you. 

Why is my brain getting overloaded?

Every day, our brains have to deal with and respond to many different impressions. Some can be dangerous such as. in traffic and others are more innocent like we are hungry or need a hug. Some of the stimuli we are exposed to can become too much for the body and it can react in many different ways. It can e.g. be pain to prevent us from making a movement or with migraine if it becomes really overstimulated. 

Why our brain gets overloaded is as individual as it can possibly be. You have lived your life and exposed your nervous system to something while others have experienced other things. The good thing is that with P-DTR we can examine and treat the causes in your nervous system that gives you a migraine. 

So start a course of treatment and let us help you get rid of your migraine.