Baby behandling

A BabyCheck is a part of the treatment.

We treat with the newest physiotherapeutic techniquesYou can expect results quickly and get a professional and effective treatment in calm surroundings

A BabyCheck is for you who would like a professional and thorough check of your baby. You may have a feeling of what the problem is or you may have noticed that there is a favorite way to look at, flat back, digestive problems, colic ect. favoritsideflat rear headproblem with digestionkolik Etc.

A BabyCheck consists of

We examine and treat imbalances in the meridian pathways that can be experienced by your baby having digestive problems or being dissatisfied at the same time of the day. problem with digestion or are unhappy at the same time of day.

We examine and treat the skull. Problems with the skull can be a crooked skull, flat head or difficulty sucking during breastfeeding etc. crooked skullflat rear head or difficult to suck when breastfeeding etc.

We examine if there is a lock in the pelvis, back and neck which can give a favorite side, flat back head or reluctance to lie on the stomach etc.

Practical info

The treatment takes place in a quiet environment and at the baby's pace. It can be treated from newborn upwards when you feel the baby is ready. The treatment itself is gentle, effective and without a break.